How To Be Productive Amidst The Pandemic

Author : Amrita Bhattacharjee

Under this pandemic situation, it's difficult to have a productive and positive mindset. As we know times don't wait for anything, we have to maintain productivity during this pandemic too. To maintain productivity some steps need to be followed.

  1. Setting goals
  2. At the beginning of any day, it's better to decide and note down the works or goals that are needed to be done. Setting goals help to maintain the regularity of working routines in order to maintain productivity.

  3. Tough works should be done first
  4. It's better to do the tough works before doing any simple or easy work as tough works need more time than the time is needed to do the simple one. Any task if it's hardest should not be avoided.

  5. Writing about goals every day
  6. Research says that those who write goals are successful than those who only set them in mind. It's better to set up goals every day and to write them to do the works in a proper way.

  7. Keep yourself away from social media distractions
  8. In the time of working keep your mobile in silent mode in order to stay away from social media platforms. You can also keep your mobile in another room while you can work in another room without any social media distractions.

  9. Socialization
  10. Under this pandemic, it's not easy to always get the same energy in the time of doing any work. Instead of getting bored, it's better to have a conversation with friends or anyone you want to talk to. You can spend your time with family members.

  11. Set a proper routine
  12. Under this pandemic, it's not always easy to maintain health and working hours. It's better to maintain a proper routine.

  13. Physical exercises
  14. Under this pandemic, it's important to do physical exercises each and every day in order to improve mental health which helps to get energy and strength in any work.


As discussed in the above points to maintain productivity it's mandatory to maintain a proper balance between home and work-place by following the above-mentioned points.