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"We, at MentorMitr, meet individuals wherever they are in their journey of career development, and help them reach where they wish to be."

We help students and working people streamline their process of career development by understanding and customizing their needs.

MentorMitr is a platform which systematically creates a program based approach to enable students and working people to define their goals clearly and follow a method to achieve those predictably

Our Mission

MentorMitr shall tirelessly and ethically pursue the path of Mentoring and leading individuals and enable them to lead meaningful life of happiness and self reliance by various methods of engagement in its methodology and also innovate and adapt to changes to do its work most professionally and in best possible fashion at par or exceeding the global benchmarks of excellence in the filed.

Our Vision

Mentormitr Vision is to create a global community where everybody is enabled to reach the level of self realization and reach their true potential where happiness and not only success is pursued and Individuals and communities can indpendently handle the life as it comes and are aware of interdependence and its advantages for a happy world.

Who Are We?

MentorMitr is a career development organization, that helps individuals, i.e. school students, university students and working people in the area.

What We Do?

At MentorMitr, we systematically create a program-based approach to enable students and working people to define their goals clearly and follow a method to achieve those predictably.


MentorMitr helps students and working people develop a plan for their preparation and enhance life skills to manage complex situations while strengthening their potential and performance to an optimal level. We prepare them for success through techniques to bolster their Emotional Quotient (EQ), and consequently, help them set the right goals by facilitating the creation of options to support them in managing their priorities, and time in an efficient manner.

Vridhi Sharma, Co-Founder

Ms. Vridhi Sharma

Vridhi Sharma is a Student of Sociology Honours at the Lady Shri Ram College for Women. Vridhi herself has gone through a mentoring process based on MentorMitr’s Philosophy and strongly believes that learning success principles beyond the curriculum is a big enabler. She has documented the whole process that she underwent, and done some in-depth research to facilitate pioneering work with her Mentors and other Co-Founders over the past 4 years. Consequently, she came up with a solution that is ever-enveloping for students as well as working executives. She is an avid reader, a continuous learner. She writes and has championed various projects including ICCE initiatives for Environment & Social Law, CanSupport, National Service Scheme (NSS), Smile Foundation, United Religions Initiative (URI) and has gained some experience in the domain of Mental Health & Behavioural Sciences. She has been writing for Youth Ki Awaaz and was also featured on various platforms. Vridhi strives to firmly support the cause of social justice and delivers the best in her capacity

Ankur Pahwa, Co-Founder

Mr. Ankur Pahwa

Ankur Pahwa is a multi-talented, and intelligent individual with an ingenious capacity to channel creativity into any task. He is currently the Co-Founder of MentorMitr, who has undergone the process of mentoring based on MentorMitr’s beliefs and principles with experts. He has established the vision and mission of MentorMitr and has helped in its execution with an enterprise-wide impact. Ankur is diligent and a strong leader. He has worked in the roles of a Founder, and Associate at reputed digital marketing and auditing organisations such as - Digivantrix, Ernst&Young, Sparklin and JWT Encompass Events Pvt Ltd. He has also supported several ventures at non-profit organizations like Taleem Social Progressive Society. Ankur is passionate about giving back to society and delivers his best in areas that concern it.

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