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Meet our mentors!

Mr Uday Nadiwade is currently an Entrepreneur - Founder of a successful start-up, Befach. He has won the prestigious CII Award for product innovation and Coca Cola Sustainable Enterprise Award. Uday has been an Engineer with an MBA and has spent about 20 years in the CorporateSector, working for organizations like GE, Delphi & Tata Motors to name a few.

Mr. Uday Nadiwade

Dr Jaideep Kumar Sharma is a TEDx speaker, a motivator and is engaged with various causes where he talks to students, people at large. By background he is a renowned Radiologist from All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Delhi, a Gold Medalist.

Dr Jaideep Kumar Sharma

Ms Pooja Awasty is a passionate Leadership Coach. She has addressed hundreds of thousands of people in the last 20 years and impacted them positively in areas of goal setting, leadership development and identifying gratitude as a principle of success which she passionately drives. Pooja has been an educationist by background, an entrepreneur and a wellness expert by practice

Ms. Pooja

Mr Partha Roy is a Consulting leader who can diagnose a complex problem and can break it into pieces and devise comprehensive solutions to solving any challenge. By background, he is a telecom engineer, with corporate exposure of 29+ years at the highest levels in the largest organizations. Mr Partha engages with business leaders and youth across schools and universities with the same zeal to add value very successfully. Partha is also the founder of The Prism Consulting, an organization with its core intervention and focuses on advisory consulting transformation.

Mr. Partha Roy

Ms Aaarushi Bharwaj is a passionate Digital Marketing Executive. She is somebody who believes in the power of realizing your true potential by exposing yourself to ideas you cannot comprehend. She also believes it's never late to reorient your career. With a degree in Architecture from London and Masters in Luxury Management from SP Jain Institute, she is a digital marketing specialist in one of the BIG 4 of the world. She is a passionate traveller, digital marketer, architect, and student mentor. Aarushi truly symbolises a blend of knowledge, goal-accomplishment and happiness and has done it at a very young age.

Ms. Aarushi Bhardwaj

Ms Reena Ahuja is a Human Resources Leader & Director of People Management Practice at SmartHead Consulting. With over 2 decades of experience in management roles in Multinational Corporations, she has helped professionalize HR functions, institutionalize policies and procedures with the organizational transformation and change management at SmartHead Consulting. She has extensive experience in talent and capability building, which she channels well in her role as a Mentor

Ms. Reena Ahuja