MentorMitr Engagement Helps You Enhance Your Life Skills! AND...

School students enhance their marks.

University students improve their career choices.

Working professionals accelerate their career growth.

Welcome to MentorMitr

"We, at MentorMitr, meet individuals wherever they are in their journey of career development, and help them reach where they wish to be."

We help students and working people streamline their process of career development by understanding and customizing their needs.

MentorMitr is a platform which systematically creates a program based approach to enable students and working people to define their goals clearly and follow a method to achieve those predictably.

A Mentor is all we need!

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Focus Areas

Our approach and involvement are aligned with the individual's needs, as we inculcate an understanding of self-awareness. MentorMitr particularly looks into the following areas :

Time Management

To methodically optimize time management with discipline.

Goals Setting

To enable you to set your goals rightly and lay down a path to achieve them.

Soft Skills

To impart skills to effectively manage your relationships and tasks through training.

Priority Management

To help you create an order from amongst a variety of options and activities.

Emotional Quotient (EQ)

To enhance your EQ to your real potential.

Preformance Enhancement

To help you regulate your stress by understanding its causes and effects.

Our Methodology

MentorMitr helps students and working people develop a plan for their preparation and enhance life skills to manage complex situations while strengthening their potential and performance to an optimal level. We prepare them for success through techniques to bolster their Emotional Quotient (EQ), and consequently help them set the right goals by facilitating the creation of options to support them in managing their priorities and time in an efficient manner.

School-Student Program

Have concerns about your academic progress or unable to balance it with extracurricular activities? MentorMitr’s intervention can help you unleash your true potential by holding your hand, and guide you step-by-step!

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Confused about your exit plans after college or unable to balance academics and internships? Our platform will eradicate your mismanagement of responsibilities and help you develop as well as abridge a complete diagnostic stimulation of where you are and take you where you intend to be.

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Dissatisfied with your career right now or want to grow faster or unable to maintain a work-life balance? Let MentorMitr help you go through a complete diagnostic simulation of where you are and where you intend to be discerning the gap between the two and abridging it.

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Our Testimonials

Some of the features and advantages that we provide for those who comes to MentorMitr.