How To Strive For High Standards Of Motivation?

Author : Shreya Mukherjee

“The only thing that overcomes hard luck is hard work.”
– Harry Golden

Motivation refers to an individual’s internal processes that propel them towards certain external activities. In other words, the will or persistence of a person over a period of time to take some action in a particular direction. Whether intrinsic or extrinsic, motivation is the force that pushes a person to work towards a certain goal. In any given situation when any task is to be efficiently, the performer must have the drive to do it. If they are lackadaisical and lack any incentive to do it then the results will not be fulfilling.

The most effective way to keep yourself motivated is to set goals for yourself and reward yourself on finishing one of the goals. By dividing a huge task into smaller goals, it is easier for you to manage it step by step and organise the course of action accordingly. By rewarding yourself if you are satisfied with the results, you keep your drive to work further. You need to stay motivated over a period of time. Simply having bursts of energy for s short period of time does not help.

Sometimes, one may feel that they lack some skills or are not able to achieve a desired goal. This becomes an obstacle, which can be overcome with some help. See if your goals are realistic, instead of being too hard on yourself first. Interact with people who may have similar goals. Having discussions with friends or colleagues will give you more energy. This is especially important in today’s time of disruption. Due to the pandemic, everyone feels disoriented and must reorient themselves with a new normal.

During these times of disturbance, it is difficult for a lot of people to feel motivated and stay geared all the time. But do not worry. You can always pick up where you left off. Use this time at home to learn new skills, relevant skills and reward yourself on those. It is easy to lose sense of time, so keep track of time and don’t procrastinate too much. Use time management techniques such as the pomodoro technique or time blocking to keep yourself motivated. Do physical activities to keep your body on track as well. Don’t be too hard on yourself for not being able to complete a task, instead add it to the to-do list for the next day. These are hard times after all and no one is expected to be geared up 24/7. But don’t fall into a rabbit hole of inactivity. If you can convince yourself to take the first step, the next ones will be easier.

Take small steps. Finish that assignment. Wrap up that project. Take the time you need but keep your drive to work.