How To Rejuvenate Yourself In Times Of Boredom?

Author : Shreya Mukherjee

1. Read.

Yes, the simplest yet useful activity. Read all the novels, non-fiction, self-help, fantasy books that you thought you didn’t have time to read. Read all the heavy material that you have put off reading. Read as much as you can to keep yourself engaged and informed so that you don’t feel disconnected after this time of break from normal is over.

2. Work out!

Get out of bed. Put on your workout clothes and take the first step. Start with simply walking or stretching to warm up if you’ve been out of your regular routine or just starting with a new one. Do simple exercises or yoga or pilates, whatever suits you. Physical fitness is an all time thing and now is the time to get working on it without having to run back and forth from school or office or home.

3. Learn a musical instrument.

Blow off the dust from that guitar or piano you have lying around and start playing some tunes. Learning an instrument stimulates the brain and has numerous cognitive benefits. It will make you more alert and patient and can also help release stress.

4. Learn a new language!

Increase your circle of communication. Expand your brain activity. If you’re perhaps an avid Netflix watcher, turn off the dubs and watch the foreign shows in their original language.

5. Polish your writing skill.

Write about topics that interest you or experiences that you may want to share. You can make it public or keep it a personal thing. Even if it is a journal or a personal entry, write anything every day. Without even realising, when you pen down your ideas and thoughts you’ll notice the changes over a period of time.